RN market in Valdosta & Savannah?

  1. I'm curious about what the job market is like in Georgia? I'm seriously looking at moving to Valdosta or Savannah when I've completed my BSN. My areas of interest are emergency medicine and forensics. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   LiberatedRN
    I currently work in the Atlanta are and I'm not sure about the areas you are thinking about moving to. I can attest to some other nurses who will tell you that GA nursing isn't as prosperous as some other states. There is an article (matter of fact a whole edition) in Advance for nurses magazine (southern issue for Jan or Feb 07) that compare salaries for nurses working in GA. Suprisingly, we get payed higher than nurses working in the neighboring states. But nurses with higher educational degrees, get payed less than the other states.
    I couldn't believe that nurses in GA with BSN, on average, get paid less than nurses with AA or 2-yr diploma degrees!
    As far as Forensics, I'm not sure what type of facility you would like to work. I am interested in that field also & legal nursing as well. I have considered moving out of the state to further my nursing career, thinking GA isn't doing it for nurses.

    Just food for thought!
  4. by   DizzyLizard
    Thanks for the info! I'm not sure what part of Valdosta or Savannah I'd move to. I'm weighing a lot of options right now, including moving to Florida and not Georgia (family). I'm looking at legal nursing or something with the ME ofc if I get into forensics. I'd be happy working in a busy ER or some aspect of emergency nursing. Thanks again!
  5. by   CraigB-RN
    Do a search here for savannah. I know there were some postings here in the past about the area.

    remember, keep things in perspective and do homework from other sources. I wouldn't stake my life and future with the information you get here.