Regency Hospital in Macon for a New Grad???

  1. Hey, I'm a new grad and found this wonderful hospital to work at. The pay is $5 more than any of the other hospitals in the area, but they are still a relatively new hospital. Some other nurses told me I would get better experience at one of the larger hospitals. Which may be true since Regency is an Acute Care Facility. And also a close friend of mine told that they kinda of put your "license" on the line in certain situations. The example she gave me was, "All of the doctors are on call and you may have to call the time of death before they get there and to make sure you cover you behind". Also since they're new, they haven't gotten all the "glitches" out. If you know what thats means. I really don't know what to do, any advice would be very helpful thanks!
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  3. by   Meekmom
    I also have just accepted a job with this hospital as a new grad RN. If you have already started please let me know what you think. I may not start until October. My first impression was very positive.
  4. by   curtRN
    I didn't take it. I went to the medical center of central ga. I liked the hospital and the staff seemed very nice but as you know its a long term acute care facility. One thing I can say about it is that the pay is AWESOME there! The only reason I went to MCCG is for the experience, they offered the med surg unit I wanted, and its a teaching hospital with ALOT of classes to help you learn what you need to know. Hope this helps....
  5. by   Meekmom
    That does help. Fresh out of school, MONEY is a BIG concern. A newborn aswell so I can only work weekends. With the shift diff I should be VERY HAPPY! Thanks again.
  6. by   ReeNee
    Hey guys! I'm a little late with my post, however, I was wondering if someone who was recently offered a position at MCCG as new grad, could tell me how long from the time you applied online did you receive a call for an interview?

    I am an our of state applicant, and I was wondering if the process is anything like NY where you have to harass HR constantly just to find out information, or if they contact you right away?
  7. by   independentRN916
    Please, please, please, RUNNNN from that hospital!!!! It is HORRENDOUS! I seriously wouldn't let them treat my dog's fleas there!!! I've been a nurse for 2 years and I worked a travel contract there and it was the worst place ever. I can't imagine starting my nursing career there. First off, it is SO completely unsafe and whoever said they make you put your license on the line is so true. Not just about time of death stuff, but it's like the charge nurses and supervisors pressure you to do stuff beyond your scope of practice & things that are just not right. I hated working there and I prayed every day for my patients to be protected from the horrible & unsafe care delivered at that hospital. It's unbelieveable how the nurses practice there. The CEO is a really nice guy, but I think he's clueless clinically & doesn't realize everything that's going on. The CNO is a coward & I've never seen him stand up for what's right. He just got thrown into that position from first being an infection control nurse and I think he has a lot to learn about running a hospital and treating his staff with respect.
  8. by   Meekmom
    Thanks for your advice indeRN but like any job I have had as a nurse they start out with craziness. I will give this facility my best and see what it offers me in return. A bunch of new hires have come in and they are trying to do away with the agency. It is like a baby growing up as far as I can see so I expect a bunch of stumbling blocks. The nurses I met in orientation are veeery experienced in trauma, ICU, etc and seem supper inteligent. I can't wait to learn and work with them. Pray for us and the patients as we try to get this place where it should be.
  9. by   Meekmom
    indRn, I owe u a HUUUUge apology. I gave it a shot and I was dissapointed. They r not even trying to fix things. Corp just made it worse. $ hungry coporation. Noone is full time. I admit when I'm wrong I just have to see for myself.
  10. by   akularn01
    I've been an rn since '99. This place is so incompetent as to defy belief. It's more like a wannbe icu that's equipped like a salvation army thrift store.some of the staff is superb though. Im there as agency & am gone asap! This place would be a meat grinder to a new nurse,even difficult for a seasoned one. Supplies are a joke, certain dr's worse. The acuity level is very high; yet they don't even have a lab.all labs are sent by courier to coliseum. Stat labs can take over 2-3 hours to get i said;some of the staff is incredible,but leadership is nonexsistent & it's not going to change. The day staff is 'round 90 + % agency....that's a sign right there. A new grad would be suicidal to start there. It's just too much with too little to safely work with. Until they overhaul from's going to be a revolving door.people have come & worked 2-3 days and quit ! Avoid the place like the plague!!
  11. by   Meekmom
    New nurses and old nurses quit by month 2-3. I learned tons in the little time I was there but I wanna continue to be a nurse so I left. ASAP!! Glad I u agree. I was thinking that maybe I had just gotten lazy from my last job.
  12. by   Nightingale2001
    What a shame. My experience at this facility was amazing. Every one that I came in contact with went out of their way to help me. The CNO addressed all of my concerns and has such passion for what he does. Maybe things were rough a year ago, things have obviously changed.