Question for NGCSU students....

  1. Do any of you remember what range of score they look for on the TEAS exam? I just took it today, and I think I did pretty well, but the people from the testing department that proctered the exam said they did not know anything about what kind of score the nursing department is looking for. And I can't find anything about it on the school website either

    I'd just liked to know how I stand when I get my results back next week.

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  3. by   opradiva
    Hey there.

    I'm wondering the same thing. I am scheduled to take it February 10th. I'm scared to death!!! No idea how high a score they are looking for. Glad to hear you felt good with your performance on the test!
  4. by   ngcsurn2b
    Personally, I didn't think the TEAS was that difficult. It was a basic SAT type test, but not as hard. It was, however, very LONG. Make sure you work quickly on the Math section - many people didn't finish the section. Btw, they give you an individual score, and a percentile score. The percentile score will probably be higher than your individual score - and from what I understand, that's what they look at.
    The TEAS is just one of MANY standardized tests you will be taking in nursing school. Get over your test anxiety as much as possible, and simply take each question - one at a time. You'll do great!!! NGCSU's nursing program is very good - I'm in my fourth semester, and graduating in May. I've been very pleased, and I've made friends that I plan to keep for a very long time. Enjoy your experience - it goes by very quickly, and very soon you'll be able to put the letters "RN" behind your name. Good luck!!!