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  1. Hello I am thinking about relocating to Atlanta. I currently live in the suburbs of Chicago. I am going thru the process of obtaining my endorsed license. I have questions regarding nursing in Atlanta. I know there will be a pay cut... but can anyone tell me how much I should expect? I currently make approximately $32 the hour plus $5 for night shift differential. I work in a joint ICU/PCU setting. I have approximately 4 years ICU experience with 1 year general nursing experience. I have my BSN, ACLS, BLS, NIHSS and hope to get my CCRN before I move. I would like to stick to the ICU setting. Can anyone give me pointers as to which hospitals to look into along with any other advice?
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  3. by   Southpawdown
    Don't think you will take a pay cut given your certifications and experience, you may in fact end up making more...traffic in ATL is notoriously bad so transportation time to and from jobs is a major issue for many who live in the city but there is bus service as well. There are many hospitals to choose from to apply in ATL - you can google hospitals in the area you are thinking of relocating too - the only one that seems to get negative feedback consistently from nurses are the Wellstar ones but then again, it's all an individual perspective. You could always go agency to get to GA then see first hand which hospital makes the most sense for you before actually committing to one. GA is also now a compact state.
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    Thanks for your help!