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  1. Hi! I have an interview for a NICU Fellowship at Piedmont next week and am thrilled! However since I don't live in Atlanta, I don't know much about the hospitals there. Can anyone tell me about Piedmont, specifically the NICU? Thanks!
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  3. by   KWbeliever
    Hello, congrats on your interview. I currently work at Piedmont, but I'm in the ER so I don't have any experience working in the NICU. Piedmont, however is one of the nicer hospitals in Atlanta. The hospital is very technilogically advanced, all charting is done on the computer..their are a lot of resources within the hospital. I've been up on the 2nd floor where the NICU is located, it's a nice floor, seems very structured..but like I said, I have very little knowlegde about what its like to work in NICU. Have you looked into working for Northside Hospital? That is the place to work if you want to work with babies, the hospital delivers the most babies in the country, and that section of the hospital is extremely nice and i know staff there and i haven't met a person yet that doesn't love it. Good luck
  4. by   HippyRN
    Kalemah - Thanks so much for your reply. Piedmont sounds like it's a great place then. I'm thrilled about my interview. I've also applied for Northside's L&D Fellowship but haven't heard anything back, despite several calls to the Nurse Recruiter (she never returns my calls). I've read from a few other people while searching this message board that Northside doesn't have the greatest HR, though. Since I'm flying down for my interview next week, I'm thinking I'll just drop by Northside and see if I can talk to anyone. I'm hoping I can interview with several hospitals so I won't have to fly down multiple times.

    Thanks again!!
  5. by   KWbeliever
    Yeah, going to Northside personally is exactly what I would do. Also, have you looked into Grady Memorial? The hospital definitely gets a bad wrap as far as working on the floors in general because it is an extremely busy hospital, a level 1 trauma center, and a lot of their staff is overworked due to the shortage in staffing there, but as far as training there, especially for critical care related positions, it is the best place to train because you really do get to see a little bit of everything, and you get a great deal of responsibility and opportunity to do things that you would never get at another hospital. They say if you can work at Grady, you can work anywhere and hospitals in the area, as well as around the country really value hospital experience gained working at Grady. I'm sure you'll do great on your interviews, good luck with hunting that nurse recruiter down at Northside...if you haven't already thought of it, I would drop by the NICU there and introduce myself to the clincial administrator, maybe he/she will be able to help you out..you never know.
  6. by   I_am_Julia
    at this point, i would caution anyone from going to grady right now with all of their cut back and financial debt. they are cutting staff members, increase loads and mandating some overtime. grady would not be a good transition in my opinion because of the issues that they are having.
  7. by   HippyRN
    Thanks, both I Am Julia and Kalemah for your comments and helpful info. It's difficult for someone outside of Atlanta to know anything about the hospitals around there so I really appreciate the viewpoints.
  8. by   nurse yvonne
    I'm graduating in December and I have been offered a resident position in the NICU at Piedmont Hospital. Can anyone tell me about the NICU at Piedmont or Northside Hospital??