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  1. I'm a single mom with a 9yr old daughter. I'm new to nursing and would really like some advice on child care. For the last 4 years I've been a public school teacher so my work hours were ideal. I've recently graduated from RN school and received a job in a new state as an ED nurse. My daughter and I are so excited to move to Georgia but unfortunately we have no family there. During my weekday shifts I thought about using school aftercare but that only lasts until 6pm and I will be working until 7pm (which we all know isn't guaranteed in nursing... it may be more like 7:30pm/8pm). I have no clue what type of care is available for my mandatory weekend shifts. I would really appreciate some childcare suggests to start looking into. I begin working in a little over a month.
    -Before I'm asked: No, staying in my town isn't an option. Yes, she does have a father that is very involved and supports my decision to move. He is doing his best to transfer there to be closer to her but it's not guaranteed and it may not be for a few months.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    You are probably going to have to look for a private care provider unless you can find a place with extended hours. That is pretty much how everyone I know juggles childcare with hospital shifts!