Nurse Extern @ Piedmont Hospital

  1. Hi there. :spin: I currently work at Southern Regional Hospital on the southside of Atlanta as a Nurse Extern and I also work at Henry Medical Center as a Patient Care Tech on the Mother & Baby Floor. Does anyone know if Piedmont Hospital hires Nurse Externs? If so, do you know what they
    pay. This the hospital that I would like to work out once I graduate next May..:mortarboard:
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  3. by   kjack87
    How did you find out about the nurse extern program. Do you have to be in school to do it?
  4. by   GApeach1978
    I believe you have to be in school. I had to get them an unoffical transcript.
  5. by   MsDorsey
    Check the hospital's website
    They had some nurse extern positions awhile back, but they probably already hired those that they need for the summer oositions though.