LPN to RN Programs in Georgia

  1. Hi...I am a Georgia native, but I have been living in Miami, Florida for the past 18 years...so you know I'm home sick right:uhoh21:

    Well, I would like to return to school to get my RN degree before returning home so I would at the very least have that much done because my long term goal to to become a Nurse Practitioner. However, most of the schools in the area that I live in have long waiting lists for nursing school...So, I would like to know it you guys are experiencing the same thing back home.

    Cause I'm starting to think it may be to my advantage to move back to GA then go back to school.
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  3. by   jb2u
    At my school, Augusta State, we do not have a waiting list. It is competitive entry. I'm not sure if MCG or Aiken Tech. (SC) have one. I believe around here, CSRA, we have competitive entry only. Aiken Tech. told me they do not maintain a waiting list, but I'm not sure if that has changed since that was 2 1/2 years ago.

    Augusta Tech. has a LPN program that keeps a waiting list. I considered doing the whole LPN to RN to MSN thing, but decided to get my ASN from Augusta State and then get my BSN from either MCG or USC. After that, I want to move to WI to go to the U or W to get my MSN.

    Anyway, I wish you luck in any direction you choose to travel.

  4. by   jamangel
    Aiken Tech has a point system they use to decide who gets in. I was accepted to that program but they wanted me to take my A&PII over that I had taken at Augusta Tech and because I pay for school out of pocket I declined. They said that SC was adamant that the classes transferred in from quarter system schools be 6 credit hours instead of 5. Georgia Military complied and made the adjustments but Augusta Tech has not. So, I'm Clep'ing through the Excelsior program.

    Augusta State is pretty tough on Augusta Tech too. They won't even accept my classes unless I complete the Associate Degree program at Tech.
  5. by   introspectiveRN
    Georgia Highlands has an LPN to RN bridge program. No waiting list (best grades/test scores=best chance of acceptance). The main campus for this is in Rome GA in Heritage Hall. However, I had heard that they were going to begin a program at the Cartersville campus as well. And it is the same program at NorthMetro tech. Call the nursing program in Rome and ask a few questions. Also, their NCLEX pass rate is good...but their overall retention rate is so-so. As an LPN you would bridge in third semester (which is tough) and then ramp up to the final fourth semester (which is pure H-E-double L). I would ask specifically about the retention rate of LPN's...no point in plunking down money on something with poor odds. They (LPN's) also bridge in with paramedics.

    Good luck to ya