Loan Repayment

  1. I need some help!!!

    I am getting ready to graduate in May 08, and I was wondering does anyone know of hospitals or programs that have loan payback to help out. Any info would be greatly needed.

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  3. by   ExCorporateRN
    I have been searching myself....I have a load of student debt. Tenet hospitals (Atlanta Medical Center) will take over your student loans as long as you are employed by their facility.

    This is the page from their website: our team!
    Tenet offers a competitive benefits package including a 401(k) savings plan, income replacement, medical/vision/dental/life insurance after 31st day of employment, paid time off program, online educational program, tuition reimbursement, student loan repayment program and an employee stock purchase plan. Tenet, its hospitals, and all employees share an ongoing commitment to uphold Tenet's Standards of Conduct and Ethics.
  4. by   GApeach1978
    Thanks for the information. I figure when I graduate I will have 30,000 worth of debt. It will be worth it. I am a single mom with 3 small girls, so my loan money was my check each month.......
  5. by   ks33
    I also needed information on that as well, I am just starting though, but once I finish my pre req and get in a program I wanted to quit my job and concentrate on the program. I am also a single mom of two and I figured the only way would be to apply for loans, but I dont want to be stuck and cant pay them back.

    Does anyone know of any good scholorship programs?
  6. by   one03grad
    Depending on what nsg school u attend

    piedmont scholar program- pays tuition and books in exchange for a year of service for each year of payment---only for GA Baptist students

    CHOA-pays tuition and books--any nsg school--requirements on homepage, must work for them after school

    Northside--set amount on what they will pay out, any nsg school, must work after graduation

    Emory--only for Emory nsg student--dont know amout, must work for Emory Healthcare after graduation

    Regardless, if you get a scholarship you are committed to the facility that has finacnced your education. If i made any errors feel free to correct
  7. by   ks33