Kennesaw State University Nursing Program and LOW GPA??

  1. I am brand new to this site, just literally registered I wanted to know if anyone has gotten accepted to KSU's Nursing program and not had the best GPA? I have a 2.3 right now based upon my grades from 5 years ago.... I stopped going to school when I got married (19 yrs old) and had some babies and just was not that into school because I did not know what I wanted to do. Now, I KNOW I want to be a nurse and am determined to accomplish this goal, however, I am nervous looking at how competitive the nursing school programs are out there.

    I completed all of the Gen ed's accept for Human A&P 1,2 and Chem 1,2 and 3 others. If I got straight A's right now in those courses I could only pull off a 2.8 GPA and minimum is 2.7 at KSU. I really don't want to bust my butt at KSU only to get disapointed. I know if I went to Chattahoochee Tech they have an associates degree program that is based upon your pre-req's and goes by that GPA so I could have alot better chance there. I just need some advice because I really want a Bachelor's but I don't want to put in too much money having to re-take courses to bring up my crappy GPA. HELP!
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  3. by   youneek28
    To be honest, KSU is a very competitive school. People applying are going to have GPA's in the 3.2 to 3.8 range. I would never say not to apply, but if there is a tech school close I would apply for that as well. I would never put all eggs in one basket when it comes to something you want to do. I agree getting a bachelors would be great for everybody but that is something you can be done later. Also tech schools are much more inexpensive so if that is an issue then it is a good option. People might say that hospitals are going away from Associates nurses but until I see it first hand, I don't believe it. Even though I have a bachelors I would like to get another in nursing, but I am applying to many schools and going to the one that accepts me. "Most" schools will only look at the pre reqs that are required for the nursing program, so you might not have worry about some classes.

    I wish you luck and if you have any other questions someone here should be able to help you.
  4. by   jamieekins
    Thank you for your response, I appreciate the input. I definitely plan on applying to several schools around in the area, I am not one to put all of my eggs in one basket either. I just really would enjoy staying close to home (KSU is really close to me). I was researching a bit more at KSU and found an academic fresh start program they have, has anyone heard of this? I am going to call about it tomorrow and get more info but I think I qualify. I have been out of school for almost 6 years and the minimum is 5 so I need to scheck it out because I may go that route.
  5. by   Kenngirl
    I had a terrible gpa from 10 years ago (2.4), so I was in the same boat as you. I went back to KSU 2 years ago and recently got the academic fresh start (3.88). I have applied to the nursing program for Fall 09. Not sure if I will be granted an interview, or get in for that matter! Keep in mind that overall gpa is 20% of what they look at, there is also the TEAS and 12 major prereq.s that are broken down in a couple of ways.
  6. by   jamieekins
    Thanks for the response, come to find out I am eligible for the academic fresh start and I am going to apply for it this summer semester. I anticipate I will probably apply for KSU's nursing program for Fall 2011 next year in 2010. We will see how it goes, but I am excited. Good luck to you, I hope you get your interview and acceptance soon!
  7. by   lmb13
    what is this fresh start program? please explain. Thanks!
  8. by   jamieekins
    The fresh start program at KSU is if you have not been to school for 5+ years they "clear the slate" on your GPA once you have reached 15 credit hours, basically you start over on your GPA from that semester on. The nursing program will look at that GPA only but will evaluate all of your prerequisite's classes and the grades from them. At KSU they take your cumulative GPA and use that as a factor for admissions and that would be your fresh start GPA.
  9. by   kpxqtx619
    I will say that I had a low overall GPA also. maybe 2.9 or 3.0 somewhere in there. But I had A's in all the prerequisite classes to apply for nursing. I got invited to an interview at KSU for Spring 2009 but did not do well on the interview. I tried again for Summer 2009 but was not invited to an interview. I tried a third time for Fall 2009 and was invited to an interview. This time I went to do a mock interview which helped me out. I got accepted this third time for Fall 2009. So with hard work and lots of persistance, acceptance is very possible. =) Good luck!
  10. by   Do Or Do Not
    Out of all the prereqs (minus the 2 still in progress) I only got 3 A's. All the rest are B's, and I still got into the Accelerated program. So don't believe the folks who say you need to get a 4.0 to get in. My TEAS score was really good, like 90% score, and that's probably what helped me get in. Do good on that and your odds go up a lot
  11. by   GinaCK
    hi jamie,
    referring to your original post, my situation is somewhat similar to yours - low gpa. since the post was from february, you may now be enrolled in the kennesaw nursing program (or heading that direction).
    do you have suggestions as to the best, most cost efficient course of action i should take? (i am considering chattahoochee tech, thoughts, opinions?)
    thank you!
  12. by   jamieekins
    Hey Gina,

    I am at KSU. I got into the Fresh Start program there and I am in A&P 1, lab, and statistics in the summer- its kicking my butt with having 3 kids to keep up with as well, but I am making it through. I went to Chattahoochee Tech for the sociology class I needed and I did not like it at all, to me (hopefully I do not offend anyone) it is a joke there. My professor was really odd and the students there always show up late for class and expect things to be handed to them on a silver platter. I mean literally many students expected the teacher to give them most of the answers before the test and if she did not they whined...ridiculious! Were all in college not high school people, you know?

    Anyway, I just feel like Kennesaw takes things a little more seriously with curriclum and its staff they hire. I am really hoping to get into their nursing program, after next semester I will apply. As far as advice goes I think if you have low GPA and you have not been to school in a while (its 5+ years for kennesaw) you should try going there. If not just retake classes and keep trying to bring your GPA up, I am not sure about other 2 year colleges and their ADN programs, most require at least a GPA of 2.7 or above to be considered so you should try to have it at least that. Let me know what you decide! Good luck!

  13. by   Woodstock1
    I have applied for Kennesaw State University Masters NP program to start August 2010. Has anyone else applied and if so have you heard anything?
  14. by   ms_sgr
    Look into University of West GA. I was accepted into the Summer program luckily, since I was rejected by Kennesaw and North GA. They look at your program GPA, and they take the best 3 science grades which is good because I have a C in Micro and they didn't even look at that. Also, they let you take the TEAS test as many times as you want. I scored an 82 on the TEAS and my program GPA is a 3.2. They also don't have a time frame on your science and math classes which is also good, because mine is over 10 years old. So far I like the program, at lot of reading. I don't think that I could do the accelerated program, so I'm glad that I didn't get accepted into Kennesaw. My ex coworker just graduated from Kennesaw ACE program and he said that the teacher were not supportive at all, just something to think about.