Kennesaw State BSN Fall 2013

  1. This is the time of year we start freaking out about the application process, right? Well, in the past I've stalked these message boards, trying to dissect the process and now it's my turn to participate! I turned in my application over the holidays and am now playing the waiting game. I would like to know if anyone is waiting with me.

    I'm a student at Kennesaw and am currently taking Micro, APII, Econ, and Geography (I needed an online class, don't judge). I have a 3.82 GPA overall, 3.79 for math/sciences. I received an 88 on my TEAS.

    I'm applying to two other programs, however KSU is my top-choice. I would love to know about everyone else applying! Just to know I'm not alone in the wait for March and letters.
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  3. by   stephanie.
    I think Ive stalked just about every board on here too! I am at KSU now, I have applied for the Fall 2013 cohort. I am currently taking Chem 2 and Economics. My overall GPA is 3.7, top 7 out of 12 is 4.0, math/science 3.6 and my TEAS is 88.7.

    I am hoping I have a chance, but realize it just depends on how many people apply and (IF I get an interview) how the interview goes.

    Fran told me that for the Spring cohort 2012, they took a girl with a TEAS of 79 and another girl with only 3 A's and the rest B's. So its just a multitude of different things to get us accepeted. I have also applied to Georgia Perimeter as a backup.

    Just do your best to prepare for the interview! This is sooooooo nerve racking.
  4. by   stephanie.
    Letters came!