Kennesaw State BSN Fall 2012 - page 20

Hello, is there anyone out there that has applied for KSU's BSN program for Fall 2012? I know it is really early and the deadline isn't until Jan. 31, 2012, but just wanted to see if anyone will... Read More

  1. by   joybaby
    I'm on the waiting list too. I know your not suppose to call and check. Do they only call if they offer you a seat? How long are you suppose to sit around and wait? is there like no deadline..
  2. by   Brazilian nurse
    Hey joybaby, I think the deadline for people to send their acceptance contract is 04/30 (at least this is mine), so after that I'd think some seats are probably gonna open up. Then, there is always after orientation, which I believe it will only happen in August.. sorry... but the reality is that there is always a chance that they will have more seats in August.. I know how waiting is brutal.. but hang in there.. and why are you saying that you're not supposed to call and check? I think I would.. so they know how interested you are in the program... what are your stats (scores)?
  3. by   NGgirl
    Anyone heard about standby list people being called?
  4. by   joybaby
    I mail my acceptance letter in to be put on the waiting list. The dead was 4/30. But if you recall on the letter specifically ask student not to call and check their status. Which is so mean.. I want to know what number I am. ;( my stat are low.. I been reading all your stat and is so high. But I'm still hoping and wishing. Gpa 3.7Teas 78 I email Fran, she said they stop accepting ppl after orientation. Which is aug something so I guess from now to aug. I wonder how many ppl r on the waiting list?
  5. by   solham
    study group for TEAS in the bay area. Anyone in the Bay Area taking TEAS exam somewhere in few months time and would like to prepare for it together, let me know. I plan to give it this coming september. I already gave it one time and didn;t do so well.
    Anyone have a good advise for the reading section. I did pretty well in grammar and math. Any information would be aprreciated. I really want to do the second exam really well
  6. by   WhiteSnoopy
    I am also on standby list. It is almost over for us because the semester starts 17. I hope that you applied for this coming spring.
  7. by   SunshineSara
    If you don't mind me asking, what GPA and Teas where your accepted with and congrats!