Hopeful Georgia Highlands Fall 2012 RN applicant - page 14

Hello all! I am in the process of applying to Georgia Highlands Fall 2012 Nursing program. I am wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? I have all A's and B's in all of pre reqs, 2 Bs and an A... Read More

  1. by   jazzyrose
    I can't access the page. Is there a password?
  2. by   RN1485
    The link is broken for me as well.
  3. by   Joy6514
    I believe I have to friend you on facebook first, then send an invite. Here is the link to my page: https://www.facebook.com/joy.hopkins.5458
  4. by   Joy6514
    Send a friend request to my facebook page (link above) and I will add you to Facebook page I created just for our class.
  5. by   RN1485
    request sent
  6. by   Ginabcnya
    I sent you a request, as well! : )
  7. by   hopeful616
    I sent you a request as well!

  8. by   southerngrl412
    I sent you one!
  9. by   kg4068
    This really explains things! WoW
  10. by   nurse0423
    Just finished transitions(LPN Bridge) class there today......Get ready for the ride of your life
  11. by   nurse0423
    oh and btw I can sell some books I have.....fundmentals, ped, ob and I have the study guides to two of them.....never used them so they are in brand new condition, not one mark some are still in the packaging....
  12. by   jazzyrose
    Nurse0423, I'm interested in buying some of your books. How do i contact you?
  13. by   nurse0423
    I dont know how to really use this sight to send you a private message so my email is jsizemor@student.highlands.edu