Herzing's Cost?!/ Long Vent...

  1. I know there are a lot of posts w/ great information on here about Herzing, and I truly think I have sat down and read every one. But my question now is: Is there an actual Herzing attendant that was able to go to Herzing using financial aid only? Meaning, were you able to apply to Herzing, apply for financial aid and the total cost was covered by financial aid without you having to take out any loans? I'm asking because I'm trying to get into a program, I have all but one pre req (Micro) which I will start taking on 07/08/10 and will be finished 09/08/10. But by then I will have already missed most deadlines "again" for nursing programs. One in particular Gordon. I also don't want to have to pay out $28,000 for Herzing because I'm still paying back $13,000 for Excelsior which I no longer attend-(long story) anyways, I have been trying this nursing thing for a long time and if I knew then what I know now I would have just done a four year program. I've been an LPN for 11 years but I went back to school to finish 3 years ago and I'm still at it. Only if I had applied to a 4 year program!!!! Oh well, I can't focus on that now.... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
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  3. by   Clint Carlson
    Hi there. I work at Herzing and wanted to help you out with your question. Let me first briefly say that the quality of our program combined with our effective job placement tactics help us to stand out among other nursing programs, so I hope you continue to look into our wonderful school!

    With that said, it’s unlikely that financial aid will cover all of your costs for the program at Herzing University or any other private school for that matter. Here’s why: nursing programs all cost about the same amount of money to operate, but state schools receive tax dollars that help to pay down the tuition for students. Private schools don’t receive that help. Rather than go on and on about all of the great things about our school, I simply hope you come and check us out. I would advise doing that for every school you’re interested in. Go in and ask a lot of questions. Ask to see the labs. Talk with the teachers if you can. In the end you should pursue the school that simply felt like the best fit for you. Best of luck in your quest to become a nurse!
  4. by   zoeyzoe
    [QUOTE=ngrshm;4378081] Hi ngrshm.... I was reading over your post.... I didn't know Herzing university, had and approved lpn to rn bridge program here in Georgia! Do they?
  5. by   Clint Carlson

    I don't believe they do, and sorry if I misled anyone. I was speaking more to the financial question that was posed. I believe strongly in just directly answering any questions anyone has about our school. It's a great place to be, but is certainly different from a state school in several key ways. Keep us in mind if you checking around!

    Thanks and have a great 4th of July!