HELP!! Where are you critical nursing shortage Facilities???

  1. I was online doing some research and I stumbled upon this government website willing to pay for school loans in exchange for two years of service. Coweta and Sumter county was on the list among many others. If any of you know of critical nursing facilities in those counties or counties in close proximity of Atlanta, Macon, and Gwinett please let me know (facility names please). I wanna move to Georgia and help out!!!! Thank You
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  3. by   moreparkin
    Sorry I cannot answer your question but what was the gov't website.
    thanks robert
  4. by   sjtctr
    The site for this information is listed here:

    There is a listing there of all the types of facilities that would be considered "Critical Shortage Facilities." For example, it lists for 2004 that Hospitals are considered a Critical Shortage Facility. This means that "all" public Hospitals in the 50 United States would qualify as long as you work for them. This information is according to Tony, a gentleman I spoke with by calling the number at the bottom of the page. Hope this helps.
  5. by   michelle95
    I just left Sumter county. If you like small towns, it's ok....but you see that I don't live there anymore. :chuckle

    And, it seems like that hospital (the only one in the county) has had some racial problems in the past...but, I don't think I want to say anymore.