Gwinnett Tech Nursing Program 2012 kaplan exam - page 5

Hey guys I have to take my kaplan exam next week thursday! :( yeaaaa freaking out! how was the exam for those that already took it?... Read More

  1. by   RN_Student14
    If you do not mind sweety, what is your GPA. You did great!
  2. by   MelisFri
    I'm guessing the best advice it not to stress. Great job to those who took their test- you set the bar. Best of luck to all those following. I take mine next Thursday- along with a Chem and Stats head hurts.
  3. by   Crekstrom
    GPA 3.7
  4. by   RN_Student14
    Ok. I have a 3.69. I am almost sure you are getting in.
  5. by   phrozenone
    wow....congrats Crekstrom!!! That's a great score!
  6. by   kiki69
    I'm a little aggravated. I did not receive anything at all from Ms. Jackson. I think that is a bit unfair. This info should have been sent out to all of the 211. Instead I focused on using the Kaplan book and the TEAS book. I ended up with a mid 70's score. My worst part was definitely the science part. I didn't even bother studying any of our A & P stuff. ARRRGHJHHH!!!


    when I signed up for our test, we were down to 217 after the it's good to know that 6 didn't show up...LOL
  7. by   kiki69
    Great score, btw! Congratulations!
  8. by   phrozenone
    looks like ALOT of us are in the mid 70's....and the waiting game begins!
  9. by   Godslove
    I take mine on monday the 19th. with a 4.0 gpa im still worried i might not get in. I dont do well in math and i dont remember much from A& P. Grammar is the only thing im comfortable with. Oh boy. Congratulaions to all of you that have already taken it. NAA MOMO hope to see you there on monday. Good luck.
  10. by   limitless-visions
    Hi I take my test (kaplan) Monday March 19. Can anyone tell me what should I study? I'm more worried about the anatomy section so I'm mainly focusing on that. Can you tell me how long each section is? Any tips would help. If you want to really go into depth you can also email me at Good luck to all test takers.
  11. by   limitless-visions
    Hay blessed78 I take mine monday the 19th also. Im kind of worried because I don't know how to study for it the study guide goes into to much detail. I took the hesi just this week and made an 84% I'm not sure if your familiar with it. I figured if I pass one entrance test I should pass another one. Do you know if it's like the hesi. To me the Hesi was easy but you still had study for it. Can you share anything that you may have heard bout it. I wish you good luck monday.
  12. by   Crekstrom
    Hi. There was an attachment on the first email about the mandatory nursing meeting from Mari, Carmen around Feb 10. I can forward it to you guys if you don't still have it. I would say the examples given there are pretty accurate. That is how the A&P questions are phrased. I had to take a minute to decipher the question so I could answer it properly. Just take your time and read the question/answer options thoroughly. A note about the test: you can not skip questions and come back to them later. If you skip one it is counted wrong. For me that was annoying. I don't know if the Hesi did that, limitless.
    Anyway here is the test set up: (this is also the order the test is given by the computer, at least mine was)
    Reading comp: 22 ques 45min
    Math: 28 ques 45 min
    Writing: 21 ques 45 min
    Science(all A&P): 20 ques 30 min
    Good Luck! You will all do fine!
  13. by   kiki69
    I heard that is where it was. I just never got that first email. Myself and others who last names were P-R never got the original email. Very frustrating, let me tell you. Then we emailed the administration...and they apologized and sent it out. But I don't remember mine having any attachments. Glad to hear you got such a fab score... I have only taken the TEAS the one time and got an 82 on it. Was going to retake but GPC told me I didn't have to my GPA and TEAS score are competitive enough... Can't wait to hear from both schools. though I'm scared!

    Good luck to everyone still waiting!