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    I will be new to the Georgia area and I am looking to apply to a Nursing Program. I will need to complete some prereq's first. Can anyone offer and information about Gwinett Tech?

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  3. by   nrice28
    I went to Gwinnett Tech to retake my anatomy's (1 and 2). I think Gwinnett Tech is one of THE best schools out there! I was so impressed with the professors approach and the grading system. I ended up with 2 B's..Had C's I am happy. I mean, its hard material but b/c I went there I actually KNOW what the material is. I love love love how they incorporate the material into clinical knowledge. They will give you examples and I actually had to do case studies in A and P 2. I really like incorporating illness with realistic examples. I totally recommend G.T. I wont lie tho, the nursing program is extremely is all nursing programs. The last admitted class there had an overall GPA of 3.6 (the ones that got accepted) That was the AVERAGE!! I actually went and spoke to the nursing director at the school. long story short..I didn't even bother applying. But I did apply to many other schools and FINALLY got accepted to NGCSU! Good luck and go there. You will LEARN the material. and it will really benefit you in the long run.
  4. by   nrice28
    oh and forgot to mention that the classes are transferable to any college/university and the tuition is really affordable. Let me know if you have any more ?'s.
  5. by   j*e*w*e*l*s
    I went to GTC for all of my prerequisite classes. I agree with nrice28, the professors are great. I had a really great experience there. I got into the nursing program for this fall but decided to go elsewhere to get a BSN. It is super competitive to get into the program - 2500 people applied for this fall - around 300 met the requirements and only 40 spots in the program.

    Good luck!
  6. by   NaturalMomma
    Thank you so much for all of you information.
  7. by   GypsyRose911
    I would also add that when the time is right for you to apply, I would send out applications to as many schools as you can, or would like to attend. I would also become aware of all of the cutoff dates for each school, and get the applications in on time. All of the nursing programs in the atlanta area are extremley competative, so this would give you more chances to get into a program when the time is right.