GSU Fall 2012

  1. Not sure if there's one of these started already, but it's still pretty far off, so I thought I'd make one. Have any of you guys taken the TEAS yet? If not, where are you taking it? I didn't see any dates listed for GSU.
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  3. by   student4lyfe
    The GSu teas dates were in september, so now we'd have to take the Teas at mercer and register through the ATI site. im planning to take it in december, and if i dnt get a 90+, retake in january! im so nervous even though its soo far away.
  4. by   breezy7
    How frustrating! I'm not taking A&P I until January (along with Bio 2 and Micro Lab), and then I still need to take A&P 2 over the summer. So basically, I won't have the information needed for the TEAS until at least the end of spring semester... but by then, applications are due. Do you know if we can apply and send our TEAS score later? Otherwise, I'm going to need to take Fall 2012 off (because I'll be done with the reqs) but not apply until Spring 2013. That seems kind of silly to me...
  5. by   troop949
    I'm also taking A&P in spring and fall, but I have a BS in micro so I have a lot of the prereqs already (although it was a long time ago!). Like the first poster, I'm going to take the TEAS at Mercer in December. I'm starting to go through the study guide now! I know you can apply before completing all your prereqs, but I think you DO need to have a TEAS score to apply. I'd definitely check with an advisor about that, though. The testing dates & application dates just do NOT match up, and it is frustrating!
  6. by   Kel3
    Hey guys--I'm a current ACE student at GSU. Yes, you must submit a TEAS score for a complete app. Also, they'll update the test dates for the fall 2012 app season pretty soon--so if you want to wait and take it after the beginning of the year, at GSU, you'll be able to. The test dates that you see now were leading into the spring app deadline that just passed--that's why they don't seem to match.

    Best of luck to you all!!

  7. by   Onlyhope8
    How many times can you take the teas for gsu admission?
  8. by   breezy7
    Anyone know when the GSU test dates will be posted?
  9. by   troop949
    Did anyone else attend the transfer student orientation (INCEPT) last Friday? I didn't even think to post about it before then...I may have seen some of you there!
  10. by   breezy7
    Waiting on the TEAS dates is killing me. Anyone know what date they were posted last year? I'm almost ready to cave and sign up for the 2/11 date at Mercer, but GSU would be SO much more convenient. Getting super nervous!!
  11. by   breezy7
    Taking the TEAS today; wish me luck!
  12. by   troop949
    How did you do breezy? I'm taking it next month. Been reviewing the study manual, and it doesn't seem too bad, but I haven't taken a standardized test in eons. Were you nervous?
  13. by   breezy7
    I got an 86.7, which is the average acceptance score for GSU. I'm taking it again this Saturday, because I really want to make certain that I get in When are you taking it, troop?

    Still trying to come up with an idea for the essay. Also, are any of you including academic CVs with your application? I was thinking of including mine, since I've been at State for 5 years and have actually accumulated some research/work. Thoughts?
  14. by   Highschoolfuturenurs
    hey breezy! i took it today again too. where were you sitting? and do you know if our scores are automatically sent to gsu since we took it there?