1. I was wondering if anyone had any advise or opinions on deciding between Georgia Highlands College and Georgia Perimeter College. I have been accepted to both nursing programs for Fall 2009 and I am not 100% sure which school to attend. Any help would be fantastic!!!!
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  3. by   %63theend
    I have the same question. I've applied to both for Spring. I don't know yet know if I got accepted but I've been wondering which I would choose if I got accepted to both. I hope someone can answer your question. I've heard great things about Highlands program but Perimeter has a slightly higher NCLEX passing rate. It is a tough decision! Let us know what you decide!
  4. by   cheergirl33
    I've decided to go with GPC. I have attended GHC for some classes, as well as GSU where I finished my undergrad. I have been beyond impressed with the staff at GPC! They seem to go above and beyond to help with any questions/concerns/problems I may have and fix/address them IMMEDIATELY!!! This is a stark contrast to some of the staff in the other schools. It seems like GPC's program is much more organized so far than GHC, plus they have had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX from 2004-2007. Don't get me wrong, GHC is a great school, but I think GPC will be a better fit for me. Good luck on your acceptance to both schools!
  5. by   %63theend
    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it! I also have had great communication with GPC staff. The nursing admissions people were more than helpful when I was applying. Hopefully the program will be just as good!