Got 2 job offers in different hospitals..need ideas of these hospitals

  1. I have two job offers in two different hospitals on the same floor: medical/surgical floor. One is in St. Mary's Hospital, in Athens which is 45 min drive from home and the other is in Northside Hospital in Cumming 35 min drive from home. I am trying to weigh which one should I consider. But I'd like to get some inputs from people here in allnurses who have some ideas of these hospitals and may be relevant for me in accepting the job offer. I would love to hear from you guys.
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  3. by   Marshall1
    I live in the area of St. Mary's, worked there briefly 6 yrs ago and know some about Northside..if you are looking to move up Northside would be the better choice as they offer more but both hospitals are good, have good reputations - at least around here so I personally would look at which one is closer to you, offered the best pay and benefits and go w/that one. It seems a lot of nurses have worked at St. Mary's for years - it use to be run by nuns but isn't any longer. There is also longevity at Northside. Either way you can't really lose - both seem to be good places to work.
  4. by   ladymarfee33
    Thanks for your info Marshal..I took the offer of Northside Hospital because they have higher pay and close to my home. I'll start next month. Hope it will be a great place for me to work!
  5. by   Marshall1
    Happy for you! Good luck!
  6. by   ladymarfee33
    Thank you! :-)
  7. by   Leonurse2011
    ladymarfee, what is the approximate hourly pay at northside
  8. by   ladymarfee33
    It depends on the number of years of experience, floor you're assigned and shift. For med/surg day shift, 24-26/hr & 5/hr differential for night shift.