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Hello all. I am new to the nursing forums. I have just been called for an interview at Georgia Regional, and was wondering what is it like to work there? I'm still a new grad so if you can include... Read More

  1. by   Lillylyle
    Hi RNVampire, I can't send Pms as yet
  2. by   TazMed2
    dear lillylyle,

    if i have figured this out right, you want to know what goes on beyond the interview process. so here goes nothing. (unless you've already been hired and already know all this) first you will have to attend a minimum of two weeks orientation (classroom setting). you will learn what the therapists do, how to protect yourself, how to talk to the patients, how to, how to, & finally how to. GA Regional believes that the best employee is a very well informed one. which i believe is very true also. then, they will send you out to your unit. it depends on what unit you got hired for, but here are some basics that might give you a clue. first you have the acute unit- this is usually the individuals that come right off the street and have yet to get themselves balanced out again. recovery unit- this is usually a mixed group of individuals, this means that they have been there for a significant amount of time but still haven't gotten all the ins and outs yet. (remember always, its the disease) then you have what im on.. forensics- these are the hardened criminals. the murderers, the rapists, assaults, that type of stuff. always remember that they are people too. and should be treated like one. recall that i called them "individuals"? it is a new term that GR is using so that we can help them become more dependent instead of independent. and, never call them "your individuals", they are not "yours", they are their own. if you can remember that they are people first, you will go a long way, and never forget "empathy vs. sympathy"; you will have to remind yourself of it on a daily basis. good luck & god bless. i hope this helped.
  3. by   goodoldroxie
    I was contacted by their recruiter and all of your comments have been really helpful. Are any of you working there at present? What's it really like? Did Central State close already? Is Georgia Regional scheduled to close any time soon? Would like to explore the opportunity but would like some more information first. Thanks to everyone.
  4. by   Tait
    If it doesn't work out there

    St Joseph's has 10 new grad positions and a page and a half of FT RN positions available.

    Best of luck!
  5. by   nitalpn
    R u still workin there?
  6. by   goodoldroxie
    Do nurses at Georgia Regional wear street clothes or can you wear colored scrubs?