Georgia baptist college of nursing/Mercer University Fall 2018

  1. Hey! Just wanted to start a forum for anybody applying to this program for fall 2018. I have everything turned in and I'm just waiting for it all to process on the portal. I retook some science course after I dropped out of school for three years but managed to repeat all my classes with an a so my science gpa is looking like a 3.7 but it will be a 2.9 if it is averaged but I am not sure. I have 400 hours of volunteer service. 2 years of CNA experience. 1 year of managent experience ans I got an 85.3 on my teas first try. Feel free to share your stats or your anticipation! If I'm accepted I also would like to know my future colleagues
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  3. by   Keh4822
    Hey!!! I am also applying for Fall 2018! I have to finish my essay and submit transcripts and the application fee. I've been volunteering since I was Brownie in 3rd grade (so forever!) and I have worked in the hospital for the last 10 years (administrative, but side by side with clinical staff and the doctors). GPA is a 3.3 and science GPA is a 3.4. Still have two pre-reqs that I am currently taking (abnormal psych and nutrition). 86.7 on TEAS. Kinda stressing over the essay though!
  4. by   kimandthekinks
    Wow! Your stats sound great! I turned everything in on sept 15 but my transcripts are taking forever to process. My essay i have been writing for about a year now lmao but I had my sister edit it for me, I failed English twice. I'm really not good at it. Hopefully more people respond, I'm really excited about mercer university. Have you spoken to Jordan Kelly?
  5. by   Keh4822
    Several times via email and twice in person! Jordan is amazing as is all of the staff and students I've spoken with! #goodjuju!!! Good for you on getting everything turned in early!!! #loveit!!! I'm planning on attending the info session again on 10/15! Feeling compelled to! Super stoked and nervous and anxious! I gather we'll know whether we're accepted before the new year or shortly after!!!???!!!
  6. by   kimandthekinks
    Me toooooo! I've been to one so far and a private tour and now I want to go again. Kelly told meaube even as early as December
  7. by   Keh4822
    that's what I was thinking. I would rather know sooner than later, so I'm gonna get my essay done! I requested my transcripts to be sent over this afternoon. Did you submit a letter of recommendation or your resume also?
  8. by   kimandthekinks
    Yep I submitted a resume and had my microbiology teacher send in a recommendation letter yesterday my teas finally processed on the portal website and once my transcript is received my application will be complete
  9. by   Keh4822
    Just checked portal and they received everything! Official status is "under review". Nervous, nervous, nervous!!! Praying, praying, praying!
  10. by   kimandthekinks
    Best of luck!!
  11. by   Keh4822
    You too!!!!
  12. by   Jennifer1986
    I have a question. I have all my pre requirement classes except for nutrition. Do I have to have that class done before applying or can I take that during summer while in nursing school.
  13. by   kimandthekinks
    They're going to ask you to resend your transcript with those courses in progress prior to starting the program in the fall of 2018.
  14. by   Keh4822
    Yeah I think it has to be done prior to starting the program.