GA BON ATT delay?

  1. I've had some issues with the Georgia BON completing the info on my application...had an issue with GAPS and fingerprinting that has since been dealt with (sent email on reply, letter on 18th) and still no ATT from Pearson. Have a job lined up and can't start until I pass NCLEX. Anyone else with similar issues??

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  3. by   JustADream
    If everything is showing complete on your application except your ATT, then you might need to contact them if it has been a few weeks with no update. That happened to me and I realized that only mine was delayed when other students from my class had already scheduled NCLEX. The day I asked for an update was the day I received my ATT. I think they get swamped, so it never hurts to be proactive if your classmates all have their ATT and you know they have everything they need to move forward.

    Best of luck!
  4. by   hope42012
    I had a similar situation. Applied at the end of May and never heard back. Turns out I had entered my email address incorrectly . Then they told me that the emails that were sent to the previous email stated that they were waiting on my fingerprinting results. I ended up having to go to the place where I got it completed so I could obtain the TCN number to give to the GA BON. Once I did that, I ended up getting my ATT the same day that I had called. So my advice would be to call the board and ask them what is holding up your application. Chances are that if you can get that information for them, it can help speed things up.