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    I am new to this. I gradurated from LVN school 3-years-ago in California. I currently live in Georgia. It is very difficult to get into a nursing school(RN) here, and the schools are so far away. I am at a local two- year college finishing my prereq. I heared about Excelsior a couple years ago, and last year I sent in my application and 60 dollars for the application fee, I was accepted. I did not complete the process, because I felt that EC counselors was not helpful when it came to asking more question about the school. They did tell me that I had to pay eight hundred dollars to be admitted. I was concern about this because I did not know much about the school. I also heard from other people that was interested in the program that I could not take the NCLEX in Georgia, because Georgia does not recognize EC. But I can take the NCLEX for another state and transfer it to Geogia. Does anyone know anything about that? I really want to get started ASAP. I will like some reinsurence that many have gradurated from EC AND IT IS NOT A SCAM. And I will like to know exactly what I need to do. The counselor sent me these little booklets and told me to read them.(and than what) Please any assitance will be helpful and appreciated. Thank you
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    Hi Studytime;

    I am an LPN that graduated 12 years ago. I began a job here at the VA in SD in June. I work with 2 nurses here that have completed the Excelsior program (withing the past 7 years) and if it werent' for knowing and talking to them, I would not be doing this myself.
    We live in a very rural area and I would not be able to attend a traditional college due to time or distance, or waiting list, so I believe, after much thought that this is the right choice for me.
    I did find it very helpful to go and read some of the opinions here on this site regarding Excelsior: Pros & Cons and some of the opinions about using a publishing company. This helped me arrive at a decision.
    I do think that you have to know yourself and know how you learn best. There is no one to "push" you if you do Excelsior, which can be good and bad.
    In the end, no one can tell you what is the best choice, except you. Good Luck!
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    You may want to try the distant learning forum. Good luck with your decision.