Emory RN Residency Winter/Spring 2018

  1. I haven't seen anything on here about this upcoming residency so I wanted to start a thread for it. I just interviewed for emory midtown medical floor (specifically neuro and oncology) as well as the EDF at University and I wanted to share how it went for future lookers.

    Once you arrive and sign in, you walk into an auditorium where you sit and wait for your name to be called. Bring like 6 copies of your resume. I didn't know this and brought one but thankfully there was a nice lady who made copies for me. The interview itself was very comfortable. There are two people who ask you scenario questions such as "Name a time when you gave service above and beyond. What did you do and what was the outcome." Another was "Name a time when you experienced patient conflict," "Give an example of a time where teamwork was needed."

    Those were the questions asked plus a few more, for the medical floor. As for ED that was a completely different experience. They wanted to know about strengths and weaknesses as well as what sets emory apart from other hospitals.

    Hopefully within a week I will hear back but that was my experience.
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  3. by   Rayna93
    Hey! I had an interview yesterday! I didn't realize how much competition there was! I interview with the Neonatal ICU and ER at midtown. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything! I hope to hear soon! Fingers crossed!
  4. by   tiff_RN
    I know right! I flew all the way from Colorado so I was hoping to hear something soon. I also wish we could have done more than 2. There were so many options. I will also keep you posted if I hear anything as well. Good luck!
  5. by   dmmRN17
    Did they tell you how long to expect to wait for an answer? And when y'all interviewed did they give y'all any contact info?
  6. by   tiff_RN
    When I was leaving there was a lady who said it would be one week to a week and a half before we hear anything and the interviewers handed out their business cards in case we had anymore questions. Well they gave me theirs I can't speak for anyone else.
  7. by   dmmRN17
    Thanks! Neither of my interviewers gave me their cards so I'm not sure if that means it didn't go well or if I'm reading too into it. Either way good luck to you! Do let us know when you hear
  8. by   Rayna93
    One of my interviewers gave me a card and the other one did not. My friend who also interviewed said that she had to ask for a card for some of her interviews. She ended up interviewing with three different units. The one who offered me a card told me to email her if I had any questions and I felt the interview went really well, so I am hoping that is a good sign! She also told me that she was only hiring 2 residents. I did the math based on the schedule and about 16 other people were interviewing! Competition is high, so I hope she felt that the interview went as well as I did! 3 other people in my nursing cohort had interviews and none of us have heard anything yet. I'll keep y'all posted if me or any of my friends hear!
  9. by   dmmRN17
    Wow! Which unit was hiring only 2? That's some stiff competition. My fingers are crossed for you!
  10. by   Rayna93
    I don't want to say on here incase the managers look (lol), but i know the unit was hiring 4 residents total. She said she hired two form the internal applicant day on friday sept 29 and she was only hiring 2 from the oct 2 interviews.
  11. by   samfordbsn
    Has anyone heard back?
  12. by   tiff_RN
    I haven't heard anything yet. But I'm not expecting to hear anything until nexterm week. I wonder if they let you know if you didn't get it so a person doesn't have to wait by the phone forever.
  13. by   Rayna93
    I missed a call from a nurse recruiter today! She left a voicemail and said she wanted to talk to me about my interviews and to give her a call back. This was around noon today. I called back and left a voicemail... still no call back. I’m dying.
  14. by   dmmRN17
    Yes! I got called by the recruiter yesterday with an offer for both units. Accepted my top pick verbally today!