Emory hospital vs St Joseph which hospital is better to work at?

  1. anyone working at st.joseph or emory? please help me decide which hospital you prefer and why. i am relocating to atlanta next month and interviewed at emory and st.joseph, i am still waiting to meet with a nurse manager at st. joseph to tour the unit i applied for a position. i was surprised at the difference in pay. st joseph offers about five thousand more a year than emory, how is working conditions at both hospitals? i know st joseph has magnet status. also how does piedmont compare? and what is the salary range there for a rn with 5 yrs experience?

    also any one familar with the complex at archstone briarcliff at 7000 briarcliff gables, i have not sign the lease but i have look at an apt there 2 bedrooms 2 baths controll access for $875/month. complex seems nice. how is traffic in that area to travel back and forth to work at any of the above hospitals?

    please help me to decide on a hospital to work, and a great location to live close to the above hospitals. :melody:
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  3. by   bbcewalters
    Take all of this for what you want, I am still a student and have very limited experience.

    Over this past summer I was a nurse extern at St. Joes and loved it. I worked in the CCU Maureen Briggs is the Nurse Manager there. The nurses were well respected by the Dr... and worked very well TOGETHER.
    I am currently a student at Emory and will graduate in May. I have had 2 rotations at Emory. The hospital is nice and the individual nurses were nice, but they did not seem to have the same respect from the Dr.s and they did not seem to work as well together.
    All of this could just be the difference between an ICU setting at St. Joes, and Med/Surg setting at Emory I don't know.

    What I do know is that if I weren't moving out of GA after graduation. I would work for St. Joes...I really enjoyed my experience there.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   OutdoorNurse
    I like St. Jo's too and for the same reasons. I am on the third floor at St. Jo's and love it.
  5. by   kercha
    Hello bbcwalters

    Thanks for info, I am still waiting for the nurse recruiter to arrange for me to see the nurse manager. I am looking for a position in the ICU.
  6. by   kercha
    Quote from OutdoorNurse
    I like St. Jo's too and for the same reasons. I am on the third floor at St. Jo's and love it.
    Thanks, I am still waiting on the recruiter, any way I can get an interview without the recruiter?