Denial of Georgia RN license by endorsement due to National Accreditation

  1. If you were denied a RN license by endorsement due to the national accreditation (not regionally accredited) of your nursing program please read:

    Please contact the offices of the three senators that wrote the amended bill 43-26-3 that stated that an approved nursing program has to be regionally accredited (not nationally accredited). Tell them you are a RN being denied a license in Georgia. Ask them if they know the difference in accreditation process and standards. Tell them it is your right to be employed according to your education status. Tell them that no other state would deny you. Email them and phone their offices. Let them know who this law affected. When I contacted them I was told that I was the only nurse to call and complain about the bill. They were unaware that nurses were being denied.

    The senators are Mitch Seabaugh of the 28th, Don Balflour of the 9th, and Jim Butterworth of the 50th district. You can find their information on the internet. Unfortunately, Mr Seabaugh and Mr. Balflour have left the senate but their office is still there to pick the phone up. They will respond.

    I have also contacted Governor Dean who appointed these men to their positions. He read through my information and has contacted the secretary of state, Mr. Kemp to follow up.

    I had luck with two legislatures willing to look into the bill and possibly amend it in January when they go back to session but need others to voice their concerns as well. There is strength in numbers and if everyone denied a license is willing to send out emails or phone calls then we can get this bill amended to be fair.

    Please help.
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  3. by   afriqlove
    good luck. will be supporting in prayers. hopefully all will be well
  4. by   VM204
    Thank you! It is very difficult. I am a single mother of 4 that just relocated to Georgia. I was told by the BON after they received my application, fee, and supporting documents that once I had relocated to GA and submitted my fingerprints that my license would be sent in 7-10 business days. I would have never moved my family here or have quit my job in NJ if I knew this issue was a possibility. There was no information at that time that there was an amended bill that would block me. I was the Assistant Director of a very large home care agency. I had a comfortable salary and comfortable hours. Now I am here on food stamps and looking into TANF just to care for my kids. I came here with a savings account that would hold us up until I obtained employment but that has run out. I didn't expect to be sitting here for months without employment. I have applied for every non-nursing job within a 25 mi radius but have not been called in for an interview. I guess its suspicious that an RN making a great salary is now not licensed and looking for minimum wage.

    If you were denied a license as well please contact the senator's office as well as the governor. I was surprised to call Senator Seabough's office only to find out that I was the only one to reach out and complain. His assistant, Judy told me no one had brought this to their attention and assured me the bill wasn't meant to block diploma trained nurses.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    I am so sorry that you're dealing with this! A couple of thoughts -- if you live close to another state (border area), have you thought about getting licensed there and finding work over the border? Also, you can work in any Federal/government facility with a nursing license from your home state. I am an Army nurse working in Georgia, but I have a Virginia license because I work in a military facility so that's all I need. Not sure where you're located and I'm not sure if these suggestions will help (and you've probably already thought of them!), but I thought I'd mention them anyway. Good luck and keep us posted!!
  6. by   VM204
    I did think of obtaining a SC or NC license. I am in Lumpkin County. When I searched for positions or hospitals in those states it seemed to be about 2 hours away. I called both boards and told them my situation here and they told me I could obtain a license there.

    I did read some about people working in Federal facilities. Do you know where I could get more information? I don't have my BSN. I have a diploma. I always wanted to go back to school but once I started working it was all over.

    Thank you!
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    You could check for jobs on or through the VA, if you have a facility close to you -- Good luck!!
  8. by   crr277
    You can apply for federal jobs at Your job code is 0610 (RN). I got a civilian job with an RN Diploma at an army hospital. The process is sloooooow, but it's worth it! Do an advanced search with the job code and filter for the state of GA. Several federal agencies hire nurses. Good luck!
  9. by   MaryCaressa
    Hello, I moved to GA to take care of my grandpa. I have been licensed in AL and TN with no issues and GA denied my application for licensure by endorsement bc my school at the time was only nationally accredited by Council of Occupational Education and they requested proof of clinical hours well the way my school broke them down was clinical lab and theory and now they are stating I am denied due to lack of clinical hours. They did not have the decency to respond when I asked what I could do to supplement my education nor did they respond when my school contacted them. I emailed Governor Deal and waiting for a response. Any more suggestions?!
  10. by   VM204
    Sen. Sharon Cooper rewrote the law that stopped RN's from receiving their license by endorsement. This was passed and signed by the gov on Feb 9th of this year. The law now states that if your school was not regionally accredited than it must have the same components as the ones that are. You also have to take and pass the NCLEX. Try contacting Sen Cooper or the Board. You may have another issue blocking you from getting your license. It is so difficult here in Georgia. My friend went to college here to get her RN from LPN and they now want her to work 300hrs with a preceptor! It makes no sense.
  11. by   jamesc
    Georgia law was amended during the 2012 legislative session to allow applicants to be considered for licensure if they graduated from nursing education programs that were not regionally accredited. O.C.G.A. 43-26-32(1.1) states that a program that is not regionally accredited must meet criteria "similar to and not less stringent than" criteria for Georgia approved programs. LPN Board rules required practical nursing education programs to consist of at least 485 hours of clinical training and 685 hours of theoretical training. Applicants who graduated from programs with clinical or theoretical hours that do not meet the minimum requirements may be required to complete additional hours of study/training to be eligible for licensure.