Darton Fall 2014

  1. Just wanted to know if there are any students applying for the bridge program that starts this in October in Sandersville. It would be great to get to know some students before classes begin.
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  3. by   CashandraBlash
    I am also applying to the bridge program in Sandersville this fall. Nice to meet you!
  4. by   drkncurly1
    Hi CashandraBlash, I am a hopeful for the fall and I thought it would be great to meet other students applying for the program. Have you taken the teas yet. I'm waiting on my test date.
  5. by   ProMedic
    Hi everyone, glad to see something on here for Darton's fall 2014 program. I am anxious like everyone else about finding out whether or not I will get accepted into the program. I just took my TEAS test today for the fist time... I figured this would leave me a little time to study up and take it again later it I needed to. I did OK I guess... I was hoping to do better. I got an Adjusted Individual Total Score of 80, but the part I did the worst in was science (68), and I know they look at that score in particular. Has anyone else taken their's yet, or know what you need to score to have a good shot at getting in?
  6. by   drkncurly1
    I haven't taken mines yet, waiting on test date. I have two study teas books I have been using.
  7. by   CashandraBlash
    No I haven't taken the teas yet, I actually haven't sent off my application. I know that they are due by the 16th but I just finished some courses at a different school and had to wait for grades to be turned in and get transcripts sent to Darton. I plan on sending all info tmrw. I also have 2 books that I am currently studying from. The ATI study manual and the McGraw Hill study book. Nice to meet you ProMedic. That doesn't sound like too bad of a score. I think the science portion is notoriously known for being hard, so that sounds pretty good to me.
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  8. by   CashandraBlash
    Any Darton 2014 fall hopefuls out there. I just mailed in my application and waiting to get my date to take the TEAS. Maybe we can use this forum as a chance as a meet and greet!
  9. by   drkncurly1
    Excited, just got my teas testing date for July 7. Anyone else got theres?
  10. by   bshantell526
    Hello, I am applying for the fall bridge program in Sandersville as well. I will be taking my TEAS on July 21. Does anyone know what day of the week that class/clinicals is on?
  11. by   drkncurly1
    I believe the class and clinicals rotate on the same day of the week. So this semester class will be on Wednesday, so one week class next week will be clinicals. That was my understanding.
  12. by   CashandraBlash
    Hey!! My testing day is July the 15th at 2pm. I don't actually know what date the clinicals are going to be on.
  13. by   DLewis.RN2b
    Hello everyone I live in Douglasville and hoping to start Sandersonville this fall, will anyone be commuting from the ATL area as well? Took teas already have a 78%, already accepted into a school in Ala and Weswt ga tech, but Darton is my first choice!
  14. by   DLewis.RN2b