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  1. Hi,

    I just mailed my application to Coastal college of georgia in Brunswick ga. I was just wondering if anyone had any info on their selection process.

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  3. by   nursevai
    I also applied to ccga, byt it doesnt seem as if many people are! Maybe its just youn and me. Which program did you apply to?
  4. by   reeta116
    ADN but i was also going to apply to BSN if i did not get selected. I wounder if they have alot of applicants? Which did you apply for?
  5. by   nursevai
    I have no clue! I was hoping I would find out how competitive the program was from looking on here. I applied for the BSN program bc I already have a bachelors degree
  6. by   nursevai
    Hey reeta! Have you received your acceptance letter yet???? Im dying to find out if ive gotten in
  7. by   reeta116
    I have not and i am going CRAZY!!!!! I called and they said the ADN letters were sent out Friday and BSN this week. Let me know if you here anything!!! Im praying for us
  8. by   nursevai
    well I guess I will go crazy from now until Wednesday or so being that I live in South Carolina...did you apply to both programs or just the BSN?
  9. by   reeta116
    i only applied for ADN but i wish i would have done both. Did you just do BSN?
  10. by   nursevai
    Yeah I only applied for BSN, but now I'm having second thoughts too! I just wish they'd HURRY UP with those letters!!! Ugh
  11. by   reeta116
    Let me know if you get anything. I will do the same.
  12. by   reeta116
    I got accepted!!!!
  13. by   gapeacheykeen
    I am currently attending Savannah Tech, taking my core classes. I am wanting to transfer to CCGA next year into the nursing program (haven't decided if I want the two or 4 year degree yet), how was the selection process for you? Is there anything that you would recommend? I currently have taken a psychology, sociology, Quantitative Skills & Reasoning (I loved this class), and will be starting on the science next semester along with the college algebra. I am forty years old and want to maximize my time....I have waited too long to start back and don't want to mess things up. Any advice that you can give will be WONDERFUL.
  14. by   knottygirl
    hey i'm starting savannah tech in the fall quarter in a couple of weeks for the lpn program. I'm going to have to do some research on cgcc, but being all the way in brunswick will make it hard for me to get there, but if it works out i'll find a way!