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  1. by   kymoo
    Hi future nurses , did anyone receive a letter?
  2. by   fruizy1113
    Nurse Student, that sounds great!! Well I will just keep my fingers crossed and keep checking my email&mail!
  3. by   fruizy1113
    No kymoo, I haven't. Have you?
  4. by   kymoo
    Hi fruizy, nice to meet u. I didn't receive anything yet but I am praying for all of us . Please let's keep in touch so we support each other.
  5. by   Nurse Studentt
    If you receive a letter within the next 1 and half weeks, you are receiving a letter of denial. Any letters after 2 weeks, will be letters for further discussion and interviews.
  6. by   futureRN2015
    is that the formula used to determine who gets an interview?
  7. by   fruizy1113
    Nice to meet you too kymoo! And thats fine...Were on this journey together!lol!
  8. by   fruizy1113
    Oh ok Nurse Student, well I will be a little more patient now ! Thanks a lot for your info! Makes my nervousness calm down!
  9. by   Nurse Studentt
    Okay everyone, this is the week which we do not want to receive any letters in the mail pertaining to Nursing at clayton state university!~ Good Luck....
  10. by   futureRN2015
    thanks for the info! are you in the program now? @nurse studentt
  11. by   fruizy1113
    Ok! and thanx for the luck! Nurse Student
  12. by   skaimarie
    Did anyone receive anything??
  13. by   futureRN2015
    Quote from skaimarie
    Did anyone receive anything??
    No but i asked my advisor and she said they were reviewing apps this week and will notify applicants next week. i reviewed this message board for Fall 2012 and everyone got interview invites the week they came back from spring break! so hopefully Monday we all get interview invites.