Clayton state spring 2017

  1. Hey everyone! I just finished taking the Kaplan test and wanted to see who else was applying for the spring cohort!!! I have a 3.4 gpa and got a 90 on the Kaplan! I'm soooo nervous!!! What's everyone else's scores look like?!
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  3. by   ally2100
    You did GREAT! I'm looking into applying for Clayton State soon, so I'll be reading this thread!
  4. by   encameron12
    Wow, a 90 on the Kaplan is awesome! Any suggestions on studying? I also just took the Kaplan but did not do well. I don't believe I will be getting into Spring 2017, which is very disappointing, but I still am keeping some hope!
  5. by   corrin_pp
    I applied, did anyone get rejection letters yet? I'm nervous about it.
  6. by   Brittanya
    Hey! Just curious if anyone has heard anything yet? Looking at the past message boards it looked like people were getting emails or calls about interviews by now.
  7. by   encameron12
    The first wave of rejection letters went out this week. The people who had an incomplete application, a gpa below a 2.80, or a math/science gpa that was too low. They are still looking through the elgible piles. I would think calls about interviews will start next week.
  8. by   corrin_pp
    Ok so I haven't received anything yet... so I'm chalking that up to a good sign. I'm still really nervous so hopefully this week ends without a rejection letter.
  9. by   Brittanya
    I emailed my advisor and she said just because you haven't been asked for an interview yet doesn't mean anything and they were still ranking all the applicants.
  10. by   corrin_pp
    So all the rejection letters haven't been sent out ? or are you saying they have sent all the rejections but haven't contacted people for all the interviews yet?
  11. by   encameron12
    The only rejection letters that have been sent out are the ones who didn't complete their application and the people are ineligible because of GPA. Not everyone that didn't get a rejection letter this time, will get an interview. That is what I was told by someone from administration.
  12. by   encameron12
    I just heard from someone in the selection process that the review is taking longer this year than normal. They hope to have it done by the end of October and then interviews will be in November.
  13. by   abbskat
    Hey! Has anyone heard anything yet?
  14. by   loveson
    Yes, three of my friends got an email to schedule for interview today.Has anyone else here got an interview yet