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Hello all,I decided to start a thread since I found none on this upcoming full time nursing program at Brenau. I received my acceptance letter in mid December and was super excited for the news. I... Read More

  1. by   lnicole35
    I have applied in for the part time program at Brenau starting in Jan 2013, but am finding it difficult to find any information about students currently in the program. SweetPEI if you don't mind me asking what did your scores, GPA look like? I took the Kaplan 3 weeks ago but up until then had only attempted the TEAS, so I have no idea what is considered competitive! Both advisors I have spoken with gave me a break down but I'd love to hear it from someone who's made it in!
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  2. by   SweetPEI
    I am a second degree student. I scored an 88 on the kaplan entrance test. My incoming gpa was a 3.4
  3. by   lnicole35
    Thanks so much for the info! The advisor I spoke with said 60-70 was competitive, 70-80 was very competitive, 80-90 was superb, and 90+ was unheard of. I scored a 75 and thought that would be a terrible score and I would have benefited from retesting. However, the two contacts made it seem as though it was above sufficient. I hope so! Yikes. I have the same GPA as you had. Do you mind telling me any info about how it is going now that you are in? Are you in the full or part-time?
  4. by   SweetPEI
    I'm in the full time program. We began in may, so right now we are taking pathophysiology, junior nursing seminar, med term, and a concepts class. We start clinicals in august. The patho class is information intensive. You have to read... I don't have to take the med term class, but if it's like what I've already taken, then it just takes memorization. We start the other two in 2 weeks. Majority in the class are taking a math tutorial class to make sure we get a 90 our above on or math test specific for our drug calc. It will be different for you time-wise because you're part time. But that is the beginning in a nut shell.
  5. by   lnicole35
    Thanks again, SWEETPEI, for the info.
  6. by   MexRnToBe
    you all will do great! As someone mentioned earlier, the pass rates are a reflection on the students' efforts and not the program. It is a challenging and intense program, but nothing hard work and dedication can't get you through. Congrats to all those that just started and GOOD LUCK! READ, READ, READ and don't allow yourself to get behind.
  7. by   peachshan
    Quote from Marshall1
    I graduated from Brenau Womens College w/my BSN in is expensive but..excellent education. You will be more than prepared for the boards and going to work by the time you graduate.
    Hi! Are you in the fulltime or part time program? I wanted to know how the clinicals and classes are.
  8. by   avargas1
    Hi there,

    I know it's been a while since anyone commented on this thread but I wanted to know how the nursing program was for you. I'm assuming you have graduated by now.
  9. by   nyshoegal7
    I know this is an old thread, but would anyone be able to tell me if they were accepted with a misdemeanor on their background check that has been expunged? It happened over 20 years ago and was expunged about 8 years ago. I'm an excellent candidate, but I'm worried that this will deter me from gaining acceptance.