Book list for Georgia Baptist Fall 2009?

  1. Hello everyone!!

    I wanted to find out if I could get a head start in looking for my books. I would love to save money and not have to buy them from the school's book store. I called the admissions office and the person there could not really answer my questions.

    Can any Current or former students tell me the titles and ISBN # of the books please???

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   mt33133
    You can go online or call the Mercer Atlanta campus bookstore. They should have an idea of the books you will need. The books change nearly every year so it would be hard for someone not in the class to give you an idea of the books you will need. Also, nursing students do not sell their books back, so the bookstore on campus never has cheaper, used books for sell. I had great luck using and for textbooks. I mostly purchased new books, and was able to get them cheaper on these websites. Plus Amazon ships any order over $25 for free so it worked out well. Summer school is now in session so you should be able to get someone on the phone at the bookstore during the day. Good luck! I graduatued from GBCN Dec. '08 and it was the best education ever! I already had a BS degree from UGA and I loved the family like atmosphere of the college and all of the faculty and administrators were great!!
  4. by   csweetooth
    Thank you so much!! I can't wait to start!!