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is anybody in the RN program at bauder college in atlanta? I am an LPN already and was wondering about the program, like how long it is and how much does it cost etc. I am thinking about going... Read More

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    Please email me I go tomorrow.
  2. by   Jaiye

    I just called the school today and spoke with someone name Inga or something like that in the Atlanta office. She told me that I would need to come out to the information session tomorrow to find out more about the program and the costs, requirements etc. for the Nursing program.

    I don't like when a school blows off telling the price up front because that already says "EXPENSIVE". I told her, well its best if I know these things now because if its too expensive I may not be able to attend. She told me the program is 18 months and the cost right now is $40,561 and the RN program fills up quickly. As I'm reading other comments about the program, I see that the RN program does fill up quickly and if you can't pass the scores, they automatically persuage you to do the LPN program.

    As I'm researching I still have alot of reservations and alot more research to do. I understand that you are paying for the speedy RN program and bypassing some of the other rigorous entrance exams. But what if I get mid way into the program and decide that the program isn't for me. I just don't want to have to go somewhere and start over and no be able to transfer my credits. And I do think that you will have to immediately go back to school to obtain a BSN because alot of places are requiring BSN degrees (hospitals). You may can work in some rehab centers like (Shepherd or Kindred) or work in some nursing homes or places like that while you're working on your BSN so that shouldn't be too bad. And as far as being a LPN, I noticed where I worked for a rehab center in Atlanta, that the LPNs would have to get their work double checked by RNs because they were "licensed" to perform certain duties. They made decent though. LPNS are becoming a thing of the past though. We only had one LPN on our entire floor. But while working at a nursing home, the LPN did alot of paperwork and administered medications, etc., but still worked side by side under the RN.

    But I just need to know what the atmosphere is like there? I would like to relocate to attend nursing school, but once you factor in the out of costs expenses and out of state fees, it may very well add up to $40K but then again, I'd have a Bachelors.

    Just wanted to know what the scheduling is like there? I hear students saying that nothing is consistent because you have to be at school Monday through Friday and be open and sometimes your clinicals could be on Saturdays. Everyone is not able to stop their life and not work to complete this program. Alot of the other programs are on a MWF or MW or T TH or some type of schedule that would allow you to be able to do other things.

    Just kind of confused and weighing my options. Trying to figure out if this college is really worth $41K.
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    @britishnomore, how is the program going for you now? Have you been able to work at all while in the program?
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    Quote from Jaiye
    @britishnomore, how is the program going for you now? Have you been able to work at all while in the program?
    Sorry sometimes it is easier to message on the boards. Well I read your other post too so I hope you don't mind me answering that. The first thing is, do you have any other credits? If you have nothing, including no English, Math, Speech, Computers, Ethics, etc it will be that full price. If you have those that price starts to drop significantly. For example, mine will cost me about 28k, 11k I will get in grants, so total I will have about 17k in loans when I get out. Not cheap but unless you go to a BSN straight from your prerequisites at another school, we get licensed in the same time it takes for you to finish prereqs at another school.

    As far as work? Yes I am still working 30hrs and most of us still manage some income. The thing you have to know is that the school doesn't care about your schedule. Once you are in it's the most important thing to me there. If you have a flexible job then you can manage it, otherwise I would suggest finding one or trying to make it work. I wish I could be of more help in that regard.
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    Hello , how are you? You caught my eye when you mention you can help w/ the entry test, I hate being timed and I already taken it twice.... (The knowledge test) please help me.
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    Quote from Shawnna84
    Hello , how are you? You caught my eye when you mention you can help w/ the entry test, I hate being timed and I already taken it twice.... (The knowledge test) please help me.
    Who are you addressing your question to??? This thread is about a year old
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    @angelgh would you happen to still have your practice question?
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    Hello broze/ angelgh I've been looking for a helpful guide to study from May you send me the link it would be great help and I'd really appreciate this . Annlewill911@gmail
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    Hello, do you still have the practice questions that helped you pass the exam? Or is there a website you can refer me to?

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    i have a good practice questions for that just passed mine with a perfect score of 35 hit me up and will get you those questions in your email.
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    Hi Bronze, could you please inbox me the questions too so I can study. Thank you so much!
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    I know this is late but could you provide me with samples also? I take my test next week. Please help. Thanks.
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    Hey all, Im not a nursing student just yet. I currently attend Bauder College in pursuit of a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Anyways, when i enrolled January 2014, enrollment for other degree programs such as business management, nursing, and criminal justice were already low. The school is not closing for the fashion students which is what the school originally catered to in the first place. The president came to all classes and sent emails to students explaining the reason for the closing. Current students have the choice to transfer to the online program with no change in original tuition or have their program reevaluated to see if classes can be moved up so the student can finish by the end of 2015. The school still has its accreditation however, with less and less students signing into these programs, the school cannot afford to provide educators resulting in the closing of certain degree programs. I am not plagued by the decision because i will have completed my degree requirements. I would recommend finding another school to attend, which for you nursing students may cost less money because Bauder is a private school, it costs much more.