Atlanta Tech LPN Program

  1. Has anyone completed Atl Tech LPN program? If so how was it and do you recommend it? I called and they said they have a waiting list until September 2007. Please tell me what you think?
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  3. by   zoeyzoe
    I guadated from atlanta tech lpn program in march of 06. Now that I'm done I can say nicer things, but while I was there I was very unhappy with the program. For some reason they can't keep teachers, I found most of the ones there to be very unorganized, lazy, and, over all I just felt like I wasn't getting my monies worth, and most of the information I had to teach to myself. But on the flip side of that, now that I'm done and have passed the lpn nclex, I feel like, "Hell, the school; served my ultimate goal and that was to become an LPN". Nothing worth doing ever is easy, sometimes other things make it even more difficult, like the teachers nasty attiude, but if you want it bad enough you will do what it takes. Althrough atlanta tech isn't the best school to go to, i wouldn't ever tell anyone not to go. My advice is apply to as many schools with lpn program that you can make a commitment to. Make atlanta tech your last choice, meaning if you get into a better program, GO TO no RUN to that program. But if you only get accepted into atl tech then don't be a fool in turn it down. As far as the list being closed until sept 07, b4 you know it , that date will b here.
  4. by   maimike
    i graduated from atlanta tech in 05 and to say the least it was disorganized especially the 5th level. I passed my boards the first time so did other people from my class. the only good thing about the college is that you get into the program every quater versus once or twice a year with the other technical colleges.
  5. by   sduncanLPN
    atlanta area tech has a bad name and it is easier to get into but look at the pass rate for the state of ga. a name says a lot about a school and atlanta area tech has a bad name in the nursing school. they have students that need help in remedial classes and tutors but are applying to the nursing program. i would check around.
  6. by   zoeyzoe
    I do agree that ATC is not the best nursing school around. But as far as the testing rates they have been in the high 80% for most of the years listed on the GA board. I see a lot of other schools are like this also. Once again I will say if you get into a better school then go, but a person would be a fool to not go to this school just because their scores are in the high 80%. And as far as students needing remedial classes, I don't know any technical schools that doesn't offer remedial classes.
    I graduated from ATC in march 06, I didn't have to take any remedial classes, or get a tutor. And on top of that I passed the nclex on the first try. Yes I must be honest and say there is like 3 people from that same class who have failed at least once, but if you look at the GA board of nursing, you will see that ATC is not the only school with a few of their students failing the boards at least once.
    Furthermore every job that I have applied to I got hired, except the hospital and that was because of experience not the school I graduated from. So to sum this up, no ATC is not the best school, with the best rep., but if you get in, go , because you make your education. And the ultimate goal is to become a LPN.
  7. by   jbg5150
    I'm a graduate of North Metro Tech in Acworth. I cannot vouch for the Atlanta Tech school, but I can tell you that, if you don't mind the drive, NMTC is worth it. Although my classmates and I had the usual issues of trying to pass and get to boards, the instructors made sure to take the time to explain things thoroughly. Many schools that I have heard of seem to do thier best at "weeding-out" students. NMTC does thier best to keep you in the program. To me, that is why I believe they are a cut above other schools. Hope this helps a little.