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OK... I graduated in Dec. 2008 with a BSN. I moved from Mississippi to Atlanta around the end of December. I took the NCLEX in April and got my license. It took four months for me to get my ATT.... Read More

  1. by   tipsplease
    Just a thought.....if job security were the only reason a person went into nursing, he or she wouldn't last. You have to really love it to put up with all the stress and politics involved.
  2. by   phoenixAsclepius
    Same thing is happening in Phoenix, AZ. No one is hiring new grads. In fact, certain hospitals are importing nurses from india and the phillipines by claiming a nursing shortage while refusing to hire new grads (they're contracted for 3 years and have to stay at the hospital who hired them, I believe. Housing is included.) out of 22 or so graduates, 4 have been hired and the next class is fairly close to the finish. Those who were hired by hospitals are reporting PTNs of 7-8:1. So, there is a need for nurses, but due to the financial situation, greed, and short sightedness, I think hospitals are reluctant to hire what they need and the certainly don't want to spend money to train new people if they can get away with it.