Anyone work for Wellstar?

  1. What kind of employer are you like them?
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  3. by   Mistify
    I work for Wellstar in the Physicians Group at an Internal medicine practice. I came to Wellstar after having a baby and wanting to be closer to home, so I gave up hospital work. I can only tell you about my experience in the PGs, they are not bad to work for but the amount of paperwork is brutal (I came from a hospital with EMR). I had worked in doctors offices in the past and this is better than an independent office, but I like the hospital much better. If you would like to ask me some other questions, please PM me.
  4. by   one03grad
    I work at Cobb Hospital. I have no complaints even though i am working as a tech during school. The nurses have only complained about staffing, which is fairly common in any hospital.
  5. by   Porcha
    Complained about what about the staffing? Understaffed? anyone know the starting pay at wellstar?