Anyone taking pre-requisits at MSC?

  1. Hello all

    Just wondering if anyone here is taking pre-requisits at Macon State College. I started June 1 in Warner Robins. Hopefully, starting Nursing School in the fall of 2005.
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  3. by   moreparkin
    I have heard there is a waiting list to get into the nursing program. Try and get all A's in your classes. I am considering nursing but I am not sure yet. I dont know if I can handle the clinicals while working. Good luck to you.
  4. by   nursestudentin05
    Hm, I never heard of the waiting list. I talked to one of the instructors at nursing department and was told I should be able to start next fall. I have all A's so far although my Math 97 and English 99 grades don't count towards my score. Thanks