Anybody attending GBCON/Mercer Nursing program

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone graduated, currently attending, or applied to Georgia Baptist College of nursing.

    If so i'm very interested to know what your stats are/were, such as your GPA & TEAS scores, plus if you had any volunteer work. I've heard that GBCON is a bit easier to get into ("3.0-3.3" being accepted rather than needing a "3.5-4.0") than other schools such as: Georgia State, KSU, Clayton State, & Emory (& if anyone attend these schools could you also list stats please).
    I was thinking that the price tag may scare some people off from applying, making the school not as competitive as the others in the Atlanta area.
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  3. by   meeep
    Their acceptance rate is around 23%, so I don't think it's much easier to get into. That being said, GBCN looks at applicants holistically - they do not look at only GPA and test scores. Because of this, you may be able to get in with a lower GPA than another school requires simply because you have a commitment to public service, interesting life experience that will contribute to your becoming a good nurse, previous leadership positions held, etc.

    I applied with around a 3.7 overall, and a 4.0 science GPA. The science GPA is weighted more heavily at Mercer, compared to other schools that look at overall or pre-req GPA. My TEAS was in the 99th percentile, but I know of classmates who got in with a TEAS in the high 70s. It all depends on who you are, as they evaluate everyone individually. Additionally, the essay is EXTREMELY important. This is your chance to shine and show them you really want to be a nurse, and you want to become one at GBCN. A stellar essay can make up for lower stats. I also got in to Emory and Georgia State - one of the hardest programs in the state to get in to, but Mercer has always been my first choice. I got a pretty good scholarship to attend, so don't let the price scare you.
  4. by   Mspsychology
    Hi Meep, Thanks so much for the information! & congratulations on your acceptance & scholarship. Do you happen to know how many people Gbcn are admitting into the program yearly?
  5. by   meeep
    I think it's different every year depending on faculty. Typically 140-160.
  6. by   bravera
    Hey there, I'm a senior at GBCN and pretty much everything meeep said is 100% accurate. My class started out around 140, but I believe we've dropped down to about 130 or so. The class before us was a bit smaller, but it still seems to stay around that range each semester. Also, Mercer does look at volunteer work and holds it to a high fact, you're required to do volunteer work your first semester for two of your classes. I honestly cannot remember my stats when I was accepted (95ish on TEAS and 3.9 GPA I believe?), but everyone in my class had different stats, including TEAS scores as low as the mid-80s (but with awesome hospital + volunteer experience to make up for it). Admissions is based on more than just test scores + GPA, hence why our "average" GPA may seem lower than that of other schools.