Georgia College State and University Milledgeville


I have been searching and searching this site for any information on Georgia College State and University in Milledgville, Georgia. I want to apply for their Spring 2012 program and I don't have the greatest GPA nor the greatest TEAS, but any information about admissions and the program would be helpful.

All the core classes are on their web site and it shows how many they accept for fall and spring


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They are incredibly competetive. I applied & didn't get in. My GPA was a 3.4 & my TEAS was a 75 (terrible I know) But according to my advisor the avg GPA was a 3.5, TEAS was an 85 & the avg SAT score was about 1150 (math & critical reading combined) My GPA & SAT was about average but the TEAS killed me.