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Hey guys im really new here .. this is gonna be kind of long.. first and foremost I am looking to find a mentor for nursing. So if anyone would be willing to help me out with that it would be great .. and the next thing is I've had my CNA certificate for almost 2 years now yet I have been delayed by Virginia board of nursing.. they continue to delay me because I have a criminal background (lying to the police which is a felony, regarding a petit theft charge) Virginia board of nursing consistently keeps telling me they are reviewing.. is there any way I can transfer my CNA certificate to another state and try a different board of nursing to get an OK to test .. My long term goal is to be a nurse but they’re delaying me for so long that it’s affecting my finances.. please helpppppp 


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I wish I had better news, but trying to circumvent your state's BON by going to another state's will not be looked upon kindly, and most likely would eventually wind up losing you the chance at RN at all. I understand it's your CNA license you want to transfer, (this is a bit confusing, have you graduated from an accredited RN program and want to test, or want to test for CNA?) but if I, as an RN tried to go to another state's BON without disclosing everything, that's grounds for licensure revocation...and trust me, they will find out. 


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I would suggest you call a lawyer in the state you are thinking to transfer to and ask. Some states are far more lenient than others when it comes to license approval with a criminal record. California is far more lenient than others, but keep in mind it's very expensive to live here unfortunately. Lawyers who specialize in BON/administrative law may have better insight on how the process works and whether or not it's a good idea to jump ship in one state for another. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get this situation figured out....two years seems ridiculous to make a decision over a petty theft charge, even if you did lie in the process. 

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