RN doing conscious sedation non-intubated patient. NEVADA

  1. I just want to know if this is CSRNs scope of practice with ACLS
    ( giving IV push fentanyl, versad n propofol under anesthasia doctor)
    I searched board n all but no luck. I am thinking about getting certified sedation online class.
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  3. by   brownbook
    I am confused. I am a moderate sedation certified nurse. Where I currently work we take a rather simple 20 question multiple choice exam once a year.

    At my first job there was a 20 page manual and written exam. Then a nurse who was already certified had to check me off doing six GI sedation cases. After that it was just a 20 question multiple choice exam once a year.

    A conscious sedation nurse can give versed and fentanyl under the orders of a doctor to induce moderate sedation for a procedure.

    In PACU a nurse can give fentanly and versed for pain and sedation under the orders of an anesthesiologist. Depends on the hospital, but not all PACU nurses have to be conscious sedation certified.

    In ICU's nurses, I don't think the ICU nurses have to be conscious sedation certified to give propofol under a doctors orders.

    I don't understand where ACLS enters the picture. I have never heard of propofol being given in ACLS?