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    I am currently attending UTA for my MSN in Leadership and Administration however, I am considering applying to school for my WHNP. Has anyone finished their administration then went back for a NP degree and what was your reasons for doing so?? And are you able to apply both degrees to your new work settings. I really want to further my clinical knowledge and retain that bedside patient care but I also enjoy management. Any advice??
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  3. by   JBMmom
    I completed MSN in administration and leadership this past spring. During my preceptorship phase of my program I realized that I do not want a position in management, so I am also applying to go back for my FNP post master's certificate. I did not realize that patient care is completely removed from the jobs of the nurses that work in management, and what I really want to do it provide care for patients. I am not cut out for bedside care long-term, juggling the patient loads that mean I spend most of my time running just to keep up and feeling like I'm not really making a longer-term impact in their care has lead me to believe that FNP is the position I'm looking for. Not that the patient loads are necessarily lighter in those positions, but I know that in my long-term care facility, I like the role our nurse practitioner has in coming in to care for the patients on both a regular and emergent basis. I think that's what I'm working towards, I hope to be accepted into a program that starts in January, and it's either two or two and a half years. Good luck to you!