My sister's plans for nursing school

  1. My older sister graduated from high school in the early 70's and married shortly thereafter. My parents were against it, because they wanted her to go to a 4 year college.

    After working as a secretary and a bank teller for a few years, she was inspired to become a nurse by our father's illness, and subsequent death.

    This was the late 70's, when nursing was a dead end job, and many still stood up when doctors came on the unit.

    I will never forget my jaw dropping when she told me she planned to attend nursing school.

    Haha, it ended up working out quite well for her. She got her BSN, and retired recently with a 6 figure salary.

    My, how times change.
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  3. by   mejsp
    I am pleased your sister had a promising career and was so well compensated.

    Do you know what my mother said when I was considering nursing school? She said, "You are too tenderhearted." Like that's a deficit.

    I graduated high school in the late 70s and started nursing school in 1981. I never considered nursing a dead end job, in fact we're among the most trusted professionals.

    You are correct about the submission. We stood up when the doctor came to the desk and surrendered our chairs. Some wanted you to make rounds with them and carry their charts. Seems pretty comical now, like the nurses didn't have anything better to do.