1. Nursing is my 2nd career. I worked for 1 year as a a med-surg RN, then have done 1.5 years as a neuro ICU RN at an inner city, level 1 trauma center. I am tired of families; they stress and exhaust me. However, I love learning all sorts of things in the ICU. My co workers are team players and I can count on them all. My manager is fantastic. (A rarity, right?) I recently received a job offer for a position in IR. I won't have to deal with families, and turns, and med passes. However, will I stop learning after awhile? Will it pidgeon-hole me? I also want to be happy. I'm in my 40s and want to have a less stressful career. Anyone out there have any insight?
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  3. by   Rebelution
    I'd take IR over just about anything that you can do in a hospital. I've worked IR and it's one of the best gigs I ever had, only left it due to relocation. The only thing that can suck is call, but that all depends on how your IR team does it, and how large the department is. It's interesting stuff, a lot to learn, but generally not stressful.
  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    IR can still be stressful and don't forget you will more then likely be required to take call, which in itself stinks. Also if you have any back/neck issues that can be aggravated by having to wear led often. You have the critical care experience to do the sedation portion, so I'd say if the previous two things don't bother you go for it.