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Hello everyone! I remember visiting this site when I was a student nurse. My question is, I and two classmates took the nclex within a week of each other this year, and mine expires in 7 months, and my other two classmates in two years. What gives? Whats up with that? Is that dependent on the score one gets on nclex? Hope someone can shed some light on the matter. Thanks, any input is greatly appreciated.

It has nothing to do with your NCLEX score.

You don't say what state you're in, but, in most states, AFAIK, renewal dates are based on your birthday. Most every state has some sort of organized system for renewal dates on nursing licenses, typically the last day of the month you were born (every two years, or however long licenses are good for in your state). I recall someone here once mentioned that, in her state, it's the last day of the month after your birth month -- go figure! :) That works great once you're "in the system" and renewing an existing license -- but, because everyone takes the NCLEX at different times during the year that have nothing to do with when your birthday is, your initial license will be good for some weird, random amount of time based on when you took the NCLEX relative to your birth month (or whatever regular system your state uses).

Once you renew your license the first time, you'll be on a regular, consistent schedule with all the other nurses in your state and your subsequent licenses will be good for a predictable, standard amount of time.

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