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when do they start back to school? have you finished or just started to shop for them? what have you and your children done for "fun" or what educational things have you done? are they excited for... Read More

  1. by   headin'there
    Thanks for your warm welcome! I've posted a few times here and there (afraid to do more lest I get more addicted to this site than I already am). Ha!

    Our nearby library has videos to borrow and I have taken advantage of that. What a great price, huh?

    I absolutely LOVE this site. I've told more than a few people about it because the people are so helpful and friendly and it is so informative.

    Have a great day!
    Renee T.
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    renee, ! yes, it is "addicting"! wouldn't it be great if all of us were in the same class! the support is awesome! have a great day!
  3. by   fnimat1
    My oldest 2 dd's are 8 and 6. They go back to school Sept. 5 and I go back on the that means I have to find someone to watch them while I'm in school for these 2 days. I am glad though they wear uniforms at their school. (and yes they go to public school....yayyyy!!!) The most exspensive things will probably be their shoes and sneakers. My DH and I were unable to send them to camp this summer due to us just moving into our new house. So right now I just take them to the free programs at the museums in my area. We go to the park and they are reading alot. My youngest son, who is 19 mths. is just going with the flow....:roll .