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  1. I always faces the following kind of writing tasks in my tests. Cuz i am not a English speaker, it is difficult for me to chose useful informations and write fluent essays. Does any one know some webs could give me some instructions about this. Thank you

    Read the case notes below and complete the writing task which follows:
    Maria Ortis is a sever-day-old bady.Her mother has been discharged from the
    maternity hospital.
    Baby Maria Ortiz, 7 days old
    Social History
    Mother Violetta Ortiz
    DOB 07/08/1967
    Husband Jose, 36 years
    Occupation security guard(night shift)
    Other children Sam, 5 years(currently not attending school)
    Teresa, 3 years
    Accommodation Two-bedroom flat(rented)
    Nursing Notes
    Normal birth
    Breast fed
    Mother anxious about coping with 3 children
    Baby sleepy;reluctant to feed
    Baby's weight:birth-3010g
    Father unable to assist with children(night work)
    Mother very tired
    No car,20-minute walk to shops
    discharged from hospital 10th April 1997
    Using the information in the case notes, write a letter of referral to the maternal and child health nurse who will provide follow-up care in this case: Ms Josie Next, Maternal and Child Health Centre, 133 Elm Grove, Westfield, 2962
    DO NOT use form in the letter. Expand the relevant case notes into full sentences. The letter should be 15-20 lines long Nit is longer only the fast 25 lines will be assessed.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    I just posted several sites that had some nice transfer forms for you. Print out the first or second transfer form and fill in as much information on them from the what your instructor has given you. Then, take what is on those forms and turn it into an written essay. The forms are already divided into sections which would make paragraphs of the information.