worried about how to pay for school

  1. I know this topic has been discussed here before,but I still have some questions.I filled out the FAFSA and I am only going to be able to get a loan that will pay for 1/2 of school.I am going to a vo tech school.I was looking at the Sallie Mae student loan (as was mentioned on another thread) and I am unclear as to whether or not I can apply for it since I am going to a vo tech and not a college.
    The reason I am in this situation is because I thought I could take out enough money through the FAFSA.
    Ugh,and now I dont have much time.I dont know what to do
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  3. by   vamedic4
    You may have to resort to "private student loans"...alternative loans for students that aren't regulated by the federal government. They typically come at a premium in interest charges but are invaluable if you need extra cash to finish school. Check with each provider's website for specific details about how much you can borrow, when you have to pay back, how much you'll have to pay..et cetera.

    BTW..does your employer pay for tuition??

    have a good night1!