working part time in nursing school?

  1. Hi everyone. So I am starting nursing school tomorrow and I'm nervous and all. Its just fundamdentals of nursing this semester n next semester is when I start clinicals. Anyway, I work per diem as a cna in a hospital and I have been getting called off a lot when I put in for hours. I guess because they are hiring so many part timers and have a lot of positions filled as well as the census being low lately ever since march of this year and still is in september. The only time I get hours is on the weekends because no one likes to work weekends I guess. Do you think I should go part time at my job which is 3 shifts a week or should I stick to per diem and do doubles on sat and Sunday which will give me 4 shifts a week? Any advice from a working nursing student? Thanks
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  3. by   ddmad
    1st block student here... 3 weeks in and I'm regretting 25 hrs a week... Maybe I'll get used to it, but it's a grind... Organization is key...
  4. by   MrsCuoco
    I know some people have no choice, but my instructors beat us over the heads all summer in emails and various orientations for parts of the program that you should. not. work while you are in nursing school. And only 2 weeks in, the people in my class who are working are suffering...they're looking haggard and tired and failing tests. Even working 1 or 2 shifts a week.
  5. by   ddmad
    It is doable...But it certainly isn't easy...
  6. by   missmarylou
    I am working 40 hours a week and maintaining 3 As and one B in all nursing classes. It is doable, it is hard and you will be tired. I am an adult with a car payment and rent so I have no choice but to work. You must seriously prioritize your time and keep yourself on a strict schedule. You must never let yourself get behind, get your assignments done early so that you have time to study. Working is not easy in nursing school, but it certainly isn't impossible.
  7. by   EireEllada
    I worked 20+ hours a week the first year of school as a lifeguard, and this year I am working pt as a PCT. it's doable but you has to sacrifice your social life- hence I am posting on a Friday night, studying at home, work tomorrow :-)
  8. by   ddmad
    Caffine...5 hour energy and learing to live on 4-6 hours a night...Your body gets used to it...We can rest when we graduate...
  9. by   Wyrm74
    I work Fri, Sat, Sun (12 hr shifts as a PCT) and have nursing school M-Th. It is a challenge but you can do anything if you apply yourself. Go forth and conquer!